Our Mission

As a company, our mission is to see to it that holistic wellness practices are made as available and accessible to the average person as any other Western Clinical Practice is for maintaining their health and wellbeing, healing from illness, or treating a chronic condition. As we explore research that is widely accessible, we see that turning to medication as the sole treatment for stress and other chronic conditions can actually decrease a person's coping skills over time. Inside of this, we are making it a point to see to it that the average person is educated about what could become possible by including holistic wellness practices in their healing regimen and that they are empowered and have the real freedom to choose to include it or not (which they don't have inside of ignorance.)
Additionally, Flow and Restore is committed to training and developing a body of leaders in the field of Yoga and other holistic wellness services, who put a conscious, thoughtful, and responsible relationship to the appropriation of most holistic practices at the forefront of their teaching and, in being responsible for the role that cultural appropriation has played in the fields of Yoga and other holistic wellness practices, are able to create (for themselves and their students) an honest, humble, and honoring relationship to these often ancient practices. Inside of that, having been founded in American society, it is only natural that Flow and Restore is committed to seeing the end of racism in this lifetime and we conduct ourselves accordingly. 

How We Are Currently Engaged in This

Right now, there are a couple of ways that we are working in the field to do this and there are two broad categories to our offerings.
One. Virtual yoga/meditation trainings/programs that are offered to individuals:
Our 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training is an example of this, our Yoga Nidra Continuing Education online course, and our Friday night Yoga Nidra meditation membership offering, which is open to the public to attend for a very inexpensive membership rate. 
Two. We offer wellness events to underserved populations in partnership with larger organizations like UnitedHealthcare, HealthFirst, Phoenix House, the Brooklyn Community Recovery Center, Integra Managed Care, etc. These are the events you see on our website like Yoga, Massage, Nutrition, etc. These events are usually private, although in some cases, and especially while these services are virtual anyone could attend them. When we are in-person we are providing these events all over the five boroughs of New York, up into Westchester, Dutchess, Ulster, and Putnam Counties (in the Hudson Valley), and out east throughout Long Island. While we are virtual, we are offering these services to partners extending throughout the United States and into Puerto Rico. Our relationship with UnitedHealthcare, specifically, began in 2016 and when they are looking to partner with someone to provide a wellness service at an event in the community (whether that's client appreciation, client retention, or client procural) in New York, we are who they reach out to. 
How Our Commitment to Antiracism is Expressed
As a practice, Flow and Restore is committed to the practice of redistributing wealth and opportunity. How we do that is by offering scholarships to black yogi's to participate in our 200-Hr Yoga Teacher training so that they have an opportunity to make a living as yoga teachers and have an enjoyable lifestyle. Additionally, as a company, we not only hire practitioners of color, we demonstrate a preference for offering opportunities to practitioners of color, as this is consistent with our commitment to the redistribution of wealth and opportunity. We see that white people are given plenty of opportunities to accumulate wealth in this country and we choose to consider black, brown, and indigenous people first before considering white people for work. (We don't discriminate against white people, either, we love white people! Our team comes in all shapes and sizes! But much like research has shown that recruiters in the US will intentionally move away from "black-sounding" names in a hiring process, we intentionally move toward them. And, we make it a point to be explicit about this.) 

Our Vision for the Future

In the future, as we grow and develop, our organization will expand the remote training programs that we offer to include Yoga Lifestyle programs for folks looking to develop a yogic way of life and incorporate all aspects of the eight limbs of yoga into their daily routine. We will expand our remote Continuing Education programs to include Massage and other aspects of Yoga, and Ayurveda. 
Over the next ten years, Flow and Restore will be growing toward offering regular Yoga Therapy clinical hours at Men's and Women's Shelters nationally, to people in poverty who are seeking treatment for chronic health conditions, including severe mental health diagnosis. Additionally, we will have a teaching staff who is educating at a college university level on our platform about the history and philosophy of Yoga, or "The Other Seven Limbs of Yoga," that have largely been dismembered from their sister-limb of Asana in the United States. 
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