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Flow and Restore Holistic Wellness Services

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Flow & Restore Collective of Practitioners is going out of our way to offer a comprehensive list of interactive, remote wellness services at reduced rates in an effort to make our services available to the most impacted communities. 

Some of the in-person services you see below may not be currently offered due to the pandemic.

Please contact us for more information.  

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We are offering the following interactive workshops to our clients over Zoom Conference Line: 


Adaptive Tai Chi

At Home Nutrition

At Home Self Massage

Adaptive Yoga/Chair Yoga

Adaptive Pilates/Chair Pilates

Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Deep Relaxation

Mindfulness for Stress Management


We've Also Worked with Our Corporate Partners to Develop the Following Specialized Workshops, Based on Their Communities Needs:

  • How Sleep Affects Your Health
  • Cancer Prevention Awareness
  • Holistic Wellness Practices for Virus Prevention
  • Slip & Fall Prevention for Seniors through Yoga & Tai Chi

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Yoga | Chair Yoga | Yoga for Seniors



(yo·​ga | \ ˈyō-gə)

- is is an ancient discipline from India that is both spiritually calming and physically cleansing and strengthening and moves the practitioner toward total stillness of the mind. Learn More.

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Meditation | Deep Relaxation | Yoga Nidra


(med·​i·​ta·​tion | \ ˌme-də-ˈtā-shən)

- is the practice of turning one's attention to a single point of reference. It can involve focusing on the breath, on bodily sensations, or on a word or phrase, known as a mantra. Learn More.

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Chair Massage | Massage Therapy


 (mas·​sage | \ mə-ˈsäzh) 

- is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body, commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The purpose of massage is generally to treat stress or pain. Learn More. 

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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

(mas·​sage | \ mə-ˈsäzh) 

is an ancient modality that was born in Thailand and has flourished in North America. This therapeutic style combines soft tissue manipulation techniques, assisted yoga postures, breathing and meditation. Learn more.

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Reflexology | Hand and Foot Massage


 (re·​flex·​ol·​o·​gy | \ ˌrē-ˌflek-ˈsä-lə-jē)

- involves applying different amounts of pressure to points on the feet, hands, and ears, based on the premise that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems. Learn more.

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Nutrition Workshops (w. a Flow and Restore R.N.)


(nu·​tri·​tion | \ nu̇-ˈtri-shən)

- is the act or process of nourishing or being nourished, specificallythe sum of the processes by which a human or animal takes in and utilizes food substances. Learn More. 

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Tai Chi | Qigong

Tai Chi


- an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises. Qigong (qi·​gong | \ ˈchē-ˈgu̇ŋ) is a way of working with the life energy that is a healing art which cultivates physical, spiritual, emotional and psychical health. Both systems originated in China several thousand years ago. Learn More.

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(aro·​ma·​ther·​a·​py | \ ə-ˌrō-mə-ˈther-ə-pē)

- is the inhalation or bodily application (as by massage) of fragrant essential oils (as from flowers and fruits) for therapeutic purposes. Learn More. 

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Reiki Therapy


 (Rei·​ki | \ ˈrāˌkē)

- Japanese, literally, spirit, from rei spirit, soul + ki vital force, mind. Learn More

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Non-Invasive Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture


 (acu·​punc·​ture | \ ˈa-kyə-ˌpəŋ(k)-chər)

- is an originally Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points especially to cure disease or relieve pain. Learn More. 

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Paint & Sip

 (Paint | \ ˈpānt)

With the guidance of your instructor, create a painting from nothing while enjoying healthy, organic juices and teas in a calming environment. 

Learn More

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