A Gentle 15-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

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Come and join us for a 15-Day Gentle Ayurvedic group Cleanse, involving 5 days of preparation, 5 days of cleansing, and 5 days of integration. We'll all be together in a WhatsApp group. When you register, you’ll receive documents outlining the food and practices for each day, as well as the foods to favor and avoid, based on your current state of imbalance. (And I'll remind you of the day's focus each morning).

The focus of the 5 days of cleansing is elimination. You could expect to eat very close to a mono-diet of kitchari, which is a tasty vegetable stew. Those meals happen early in the day. In the evenings you'll take an herbal diuretic tea. Throughout the cleanse, you'll be encouraged to rise early and minimize the use of technology so that as we reach the last five days of integration, you're present to what foods actually, naturally negatively impact your body and may be foods you want to reduce or eliminate moving forward.

The instructions that will come to you when you register are very specific and if you want to join me but have more questions, you can just shoot me a text message and I will work with you on whatever you need. Nothing in the cleanse is a mandate but you'll want to be in communication with me directly if you want to do anything differently from what's suggested/work out an alternative pathway around something. 

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Register here and pick up your own supplies. Upon your registration, a supplies list is automatically sent to your email address with recommendations for where to pick up the materials you need.

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Upon registering, you will receive an email with additional information about the supplies you need and the schedule of participation. In the week before the cleanse, you'll be added to the WhatsApp thread and will have the opportunity to participate in a live orientation where all of your questions can be answered.

Testimony from the Journey:

S. N.

"Thank you Ash for introducing me to Ayurveda and doing a fantastic job at leading us. The lessons in maintaining my balance through food seasonings, oil massages, and maintaining a consistent schedule kept me more focused, disciplined and high on making healthier choices for myself. See you in 6 months!"

K. H.

"This cleanse is easy to manage and you still get the benefits. You slowly wean off foods and gradually bring them back in after 5 days of a stringent diet which allows you to see how different foods react in your body. Great customer support during the cleanse. All questions were answered promptly. I highly recommend it."

T. P.

"Didn't know what to expect from the 15-day cleanse. This experience delivered more than I could ever hope for or imagine! A head-to-toe release of what does not serve--ideas, emotions, foods, and practices. Thank you Coach Ash for offering this journey! I can't wait until the next pooh. I mean next one!"

"Flow and Restore's Gentle 15-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse was a challenge not a cleanse. You will be better for focusing on YOU."

- Tara

K. C.

"I am really happy I did this cleanse. First I really felt included in the community on WhatsApp. There was a lot of inclusion and understanding throughout the 15 days. I also accomplish my goal by elevating the bloat in my stomach and by doing so I lost a total of 7 pounds. I felt my body needed to be reset which allowed me to decide which foods to eliminate out of my life possibly forever. I am interested in beginning a plant based diet and I believe this cleanse will help me begin eating the right foods for my life."




H. F.

"This cleanse was powerful and insightful to discover eating habits that were just 'normal' and through their controlled stop, I was able to fully distinguish what foods trigger my acid reflux. I am a lot wiser and able to control this due to the sharpest contrast to my well being, when my digestion is well versus when I am living my hectic life on top of this. The guidance of the moderators was elemental in being ready through the stages. Though I have to recommend individual effort and input to ensuring this is done well and/or successfully. Staging/preparation is KEY. Personal life/affairs must be clearly mapped out to ensure it doesnt interrupt this cleanse. It will be beneficial."

T. O.

"I was completely shocked at the mental and emotional impact that this cleanse had on me. It is now just as easy to reach for vegetables and say no to processed foods (and I once related to fast food as if it were a food group all on it's own), as it is to let go of resentment, self-doubt, and being distracted. Who would have thought that broccoli and brown rice farina would lead to greater amounts of love, intimacy, and creativity!"





Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine, LOTS of questions come up when preparing for this experience... Here are some of the most common ones we hear: