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Community Yoga

Focus on exploring deeper aspects of yoga and challenging our capacities in both movement and meditation.

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Friday Night Yoga Nidra

An ancient meditation practice that brings stillness to the body and a state of one-pointed concentration to the mind.

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Yoga Studies Book Club

Dive into different aspects of yoga philosophy, practice, and theory by exploring both classic and contemporary texts.

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One Month of Physical Practice...

Join us for Community Yoga (asana practice), Mondays through Saturdays over Zoom Conference Line (see the schedule below), and also enjoy access to our Friday Night Yoga Nidra practices and Yoga Studies book club for the entire month.

Yes, that's a total of 28 possible yoga classes and sessions for $30 for the entire month.

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At Flow and Restore, we are deep into the yogic meditation practice, Yoga Nidra. An ancient meditation practice that brings stillness and deep relaxation to the body, while bringing the mind to a state of one-pointed concentration.

As part of your Monthly Membership, join us live, over Zoom Conference line every Friday night at 9 pm, EST for a Yoga Nidra session, led by one of our facilitators.

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You are invited to join our reading community!!

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into yogic concepts you’ve learned about? Do you like connecting with other yogis and the idea of being a part of a  community (Satsang) of like-minded, open-hearted people? You have come to the right place! 
In the FAR Yoga Studies book club, you’ll have an opportunity to dive into different aspects of yoga philosophy, practice, and theory. We will explore both classic and contemporary books about yoga to bring forward the timely and timeless themes that affect us all and help you enrich your path of self-inquiry.
Our FAR Yoga Studies book club is a 45-minute event that meets every other Tuesday virtually over Zoom Conference Line.
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